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CBS Drops Web Video Show MobLogic.TV

CBS has pulled the plug on MobLogic.TV, a news and politics Web video series it launched with some fanfare last spring.

This isn’t quite the same as canceling the show, in the traditional TV sense: The MobLogic.TV site still exists, and the team behind the series still puts up an episode up on their own from time to time. Below, for instance, is a clip filmed last week about about a pro-gay marriage/anti-Mormon rally in New York.

The other, more substantial difference: CBS is still employing the show’s talent. Host Lindsay Campbell is under contract with the network, which intends to put her to work on something else, CBS says (Campbell disclosed her employment status to Beet.TV yesterday). And producers Adam Elend and Jeff Marks are now spending their time on “Novel Adventures,” a soap opera/book club hybrid (really) for

The company insists that the show’s (mostly) demise isn’t a product of cost-cutting at CBS, which is still integrating its $1.8 billion acquisition of CNET.

MobLogic was a sequel of sorts to WallStrip, a quirky stocks show that CBS bought for about $4 million in 1997. That show is still up and running.