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Amazon Wins an Award It Didn’t Give Itself: Tops in Customer Satisfaction

Amazon’s data-free claim that it posted its “best ever” holiday season this month has gotten a deservedly skeptical reception. But here’s one vote in favor of Jeff Bezos’s e-commerce giant: A customer satisfaction poll that singles out just Amazon and Netflix for praise.

Forsee Results says that Amazon (AMZN) and Netflix (NFLX) were the clear winners in its annual survey of Web shoppers. And Amazon was the only company in Forsee’s Top 5 that got higher rankings this year than it did in 2007.

Even mighty Apple (AAPL), whose customers were generally fairly happy with their online shopping experience, saw its ranking drop one point over the last year. Here’s a list of results (click to enlarge):

You can spin this stuff any way that you’d like: It’s sort of interesting, for instance, that brick-and-mortar chains like Wal-Mart (WMT), Target (TGT) and Staples (SPLS) improved their scores. And not that surprising that Circuit City (CC), which is in the midst of a Chapter 11 filing, fared poorly. Click here for the full report (ignore the part about this being a U.K. survey). But the real report cards–tallies of what customers actually spent at the stores in the last two months–are just getting finalized now.