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The Inauguration on Your iPhone

It will be nearly impossible to find a place that will not be showing Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony live today. But: If for some reason you find yourself trapped in a room that doesn’t have a monitor but does have Wi-Fi access, and you have an Apple (AAPL) iPhone, you still be able to watch the events in real time.

Live streaming site Ustream has rolled out its iPhone app, which promises to provide live coverage of the event to anyone using Wi-Fi. Not really sure why you’d want to do this–there will be wall-to-wall coverage of the event on every television station, and as I noted yesterday, you won’t be able to boot up your Web browser without finding a live stream. Still, live video on your iPhone is cool–and will be genuinely useful in other settings.

Can’t wait for today’s events to start? Try to sate your appetite with this live shot of the Capitol, which is coming to you from a camera set up at the Museum of the American Indian. The Ustream folks promise that  the camera will zoom in on the podium during the inauguration ceremony, and that “we will attempt an audio feed as well.”

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV