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Google’s Checkbook Opens Up Again, This Time for Collaboration Start-Up AppJet

Aaron IbaGoogle, which has bought five companies in five months, just made it an even half-dozen: The company has snapped up AppJet, an online collaboration start-up run by veterans of the search giant. That’s CEO Aaron Iba on the right, in a photo presumably taken after the deal closed.

Google hasn’t even acknowledged the purchase yet–AppJet announced it on its blog–but when it does, I don’t expect to see a purchase price. AppJet, which hatched out of the Y Combinator incubator a couple years ago, has raised a reported $700,000 in angel funding, which means that whatever price Google (GOOG) paid won’t be material enough to require a disclosure.

AppJet says it will be working on Google’s Wave platform/product/whatever it is, which so far seems to be popular in concept but baffling in execution. Just below is an AppJet-produced video explaining its EtherPad word processing program, which allows for real-time collaboration.

[Aaron Iba photo via AppJet investor Seth Goldstein]