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Didn’t See Conan O’Brien Insult NBC Last Night? That’s Part of The Problem. But Here He Is, Anyway. (Jimmy Kimmel, Too)

On the Internet, everyone loves Conan O’Brien. But that doesn’t translate into ratings, which means that most of you Conan lovers didn’t actually see his show last night.

So here you go. Here’s last night’s monologue, replete with many excellent digs at GE’s (GE)–and eventually, Comcast’s (CMCSA)–troubled broadcaster: “Welcome to NBC, where our new slogan is ‘No longer just screwing up primetime.'”

Last night’s show also stars, sort of inexplicably, fellow NBC employee Howie Mandel.

Bonus clip! Here’s Jimmy Kimmel, who seems to be very happily employed by Disney’s (DIS) ABC–doing some meta-commentary on the Leno/O’Brien imbroglio: