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Yet Another Media Aggregation Site? Yup. And You’ll Read It: Techmeme Unveils Mediagazer.

Does the Web need yet another outlet dedicated to media coverage? Nope. How about another aggregation site? Plenty of those to go around too.

So what if you combined the two? Exactly.

But here’s a not-very brave prediction: Mediagazer, which launches today, is going to do pretty well. For two reasons:

  • Like porn or Apple (AAPL) news, there’s always going to be an appetite for this stuff, at least as long as there’s a media business. Because media folks–like me–love to read about themselves.
  • The people behind the site are the same ones behind Techmeme, and they’ve got the aggregation formula down cold: Build your site using other people’s work, automate as much as you can, and keep your human interaction to a minimum.

In this case, the human touch comes from Megan McCarthy, who joined Gabe Rivera’s outfit late in 2008 to help run his flagship site. The new one will be self-explanatory to anyone who’s seen the original ’meme. Or the site Jim Romenesko runs, for that matter.

Two other quick notes:

  • If you’re the kind of person who notices these things–and there’s a good chance you are–you may note there’s no onanistic “Leaderboard” on Mediagazer yet. There will be, McCarthy promises–the site just needs 30 days of data to get it going.
  • Given that Techmeme is as heavy on media stories as it is, there’s going to be some serious crossover between it and Mediagazer. Note, um, the Apple stories on both sites today. That’s not an immediate worry, McCarthy says, though over time, she imagines that some of Techmeme’s media stuff will move completely over to her new site.