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Wolff vs. Waxman, Round 2. Rubber Match on CNN Sunday.

It took a little longer than I expected, but Michael Wolff has indeed penned a column insulting The Wrap founder Sharon Waxman, who sent his Newser site a cease-and-desist notice last night.

I’m sure Waxman will want to respond to some or all of what Wolff says–in particular, his intimation that she wrote a positive piece about Starbucks (SBUX) founder Howard Schultz when she was at the New York Times (NYT) in order to secure Schultz’s investment in her new business. So if and when she answers on her own site, I’ll link to that here.

If for some reason you’re one of those people who cares about this stuff but doesn’t like to read, you’re in luck: Wolff says he and Waxman will go head-to-head on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” this Sunday. In the meantime, here’s some prep video: