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Twitter’s Miracle Short Attention Span Cure

We all know that Web video watchers have the itchiest of trigger fingers–you’re lucky if they’re still viewing your clip 60 seconds after they start.

And Twitter, of course, is designed for the ADD generation. But in a classic “two wrongs, one right” equation, it turns out that video watchers who’ve been directed to a clip via Twitter last an extra, extra, extra long time.

A full minute longer, says video platform Brightcove, which along with TubeMogul, just released a slug of information about music video consumption on the Web.

Which makes plenty of sense, if you think about it. A search result may get you something you think you want. But a recommendation from a Twitter pal means even more–if your pal likes it, and you like you pal, you’re more likely to invest more time.

By the same token, I’m guessing that some of you may spend more time on this 20-year-old (!) Beastie Boys clip, simply because I’ve embedded it. Enjoy!

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