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Apple: We’re At 200,000 Apps and Counting. And None of Them Use Flash

Apple’s iTunes store now boasts 200,000 apps, Steve Jobs notes in a post today.

The rest of the Apple CEO’s 1,671-word essay is dedicated to attacking Adobe’s Flash  (ADBE) standard, and most of it is stuff Jobs and company have either said before, either publicly or sotto voce.

Jobs’ argument in summary:

  • Flash is a crappy product.
  • Flash is particularly crappy for mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad, which put a premium on battery life.
  • Flash’s main benefit is that it allows developers to build for multiple platforms. But we’re not interested in helping developers build for multiple platforms — we want them to build for our platforms, which are awesome. And anything you can do with Flash, you can do better with the standards we’re supporting.

In short: If you were a developer, publisher, video creator or anyone else who was still clinging to the hope that Apple (AAPL) would let you continue to work with Flash and play on its platform — get over it. Not going to happen.

Back to you, Adobe.