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The Facebook Movie Is a Money Maker for Twitter

You won’t see ads for the upcoming Facebook movie on Facebook. But you can see them on Twitter: “The Social Network,” Sony’s Mark Zuckerberg-inspired drama, is currently a “Promoted Trend” on the messaging service.

It’s not surprising that the movie is using Twitter as a launching pad. Hollywood studios have been some of the prominent, um, friends of Twitter’s new ad platforms.

Twitter launched Promoted Trends–the most conventional ad platform it has used so far–with a “Toy Story 3” campaign from Disney’s (DIS) Pixar, and Disney was also the first to use Twitter’s new “@earlybird” e-commerce promotion, for “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” News Corp.’s (NWS) 20th Century Fox has bought Promoted Trends time for its “Predators.”

It is a little surprising that Sony is buying ad time now for a movie that won’t show up until the fall. All of the earlier Twitter movie campaigns have been timed to films’ opening weekends, which makes sense, given Twitter’s “whatishappeningrightnowatthisverysecondimustknownow” vibe.

But given that Internet typists like myself are busy typing away about the ad buy, it’s obviously a success.

And! A good excuse for me to show off the new trailer for the David Fincher/Aaron Sorkin collaboration, featuring a choral version of Radiohead’s “Creep.” Looks excellent.