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The Video That Sums Up the Start-Up Funding Feeding Frenzy

Okay, okay. So maybe investors aren’t begging to give their money to start-ups. They’re just very, very interested in doing so.

Evidence: Last night’s “VC Demo Day,” where investors paraded themselves, pageant-style, in front of a room full of would-be Twitters at AOL’s New York headquarters. The goal: To convince the assembled digerati that they were worthy of writing their fledgling company a check.

Even mighty Union Square Ventures, which lands deals like Twitter, Zynga and Foursquare, sent partner Brad Burnham out to explain why they’d like the chance to do more.

Clever idea for a networking event, and a smart inversion of start-up pitchfests like Y Combinator’s Demo Days.

And if it felt slightly weird to see investors clamoring to spend money less than two years after the economy fell into a dark hole, no one was letting on.

Most entertaining pitch? No contest: That would be GreenHill SAVP’s Brian Hirsch, who put together this video featuring some of his portfolio companies (listed below the clip). Make sure you get at least a minute into this one.

In order of appearance:
Jed Alpert–founder, Mobile Commons
Dan Drechsel–CEO, FTRANS
Len Ostroff–CEO, Three Stage Media
Nick Pahade–CEO, TRAFFIQ
Eric Frank–founder and president, Flat World Knowledge (cartoon)
Apar Kothari–founder/CEO, MyNines
Roshan Bangera–co-founder, Pontiflex