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E-Reader Race to Zero Speeds Up: Borders Cuts Prices on Kindle Killers You Probably Haven’t Bought

You can see where this is headed: In June, the cheapest Kindle went for $259. One price cut and one product tweak later, Amazon’s (AMZN) entry level e-reader goes for $139.

Time to catch up, Kindle competitors that aren’t Apple (AAPL). Borders (BGP) is starting out by cutting the price of its flagship Kobo reader to $129, down from $149. And the super-low-end Aluratek Libre reader is now going for $99.99, down from $120.

Barnes & Noble’s (BKS) cheapest Nook, for the moment, is stuck at $149, but it’s hard to imagine that price sticking through Christmas.

Meanwhile, anyone have any sales data on any of these things? Amazon boasts that its new Kindles are its “fastest-selling ever.” And it declines, as always, to explain what that means in numerical terms. But I believe that’s as good as–or better than–Barnes & Noble, Borders, et al, which are even quieter about their sales.