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Tim Armstrong Won’t Talk About AOL’s Secret Video Plans

Tim Armstrong will usually talk at length, if not in specifics, about what he’s up to at AOL. Not so when it comes to video.

“Yes, we have a video strategy, and no, I’m not going to go into detail on it,” he told (or didn’t tell) his interviewer at Goldman Sachs’ media conference this am.

Pressed a bit more, he suggested we check out AOL’s for a sense of where his site is headed. And he did remind the crowd that his new Google (GOOG) deal–which he described as a “grand slam for us”–has specific incentives to get AOL’s stuff on YouTube.

Oh. And AOL’s (AOL) previously announced $100 million cap on acquisitions? It’s going away, he said. Cue the bankers (who were already dialing madly, anyway)….