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Today’s Deal of the Day Debut: DailyCandy, Of Course

There are now so many Groupon-like “daily deal” start-ups that it’s nearly impossible to track them all. And here’s another one! It’s from DailyCandy, and it will start up next month.

The real news here is that DailyCandy hasn’t launched a deals offering up until now.

The 10-year-old company pioneered the consumery newsletter concept, built around highlighting a particular product or service each day, and it would have seemed natural at some point to turn that into Groupon’s crazily successful “deal of the day” offering, which offers a steep discount on said product or service.

But it’s here now. Or will be soon.

DailyCandy Deals launches in November in Philadelphia, where DailyCandy owner Comcast is based, and then will roll out to New York by Christmas, and then L.A. and beyond in 2011. It won’t actually be daily, either–the service will start out by highlighting offers two times a week to DailyCandy’s 3.4 million subscribers.