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Jon Stewart Praises Verizon’s Liberation of the iPhone

The Verizon iPhone announcement may have been a snore, but at least we got this out of it: An excellent Daily Show bit starring John Oliver, who explains why Apple’s deal with the carrier is like V.E. day.

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Verizon iPhone Announcement
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Bonus: You can see a bit of the way the Daily Show’s comedy sausage gets made, via a shot of Oliver’s script/marching orders that Dan Frommer at Business Insider grabbed.

Another (small) bonus: If you have very sharp eyes, and a lot of time on your hands, you’ll be able to spot two brief glimpses of me and Ina Fried at the Verizon presser. Technically, the back of our heads. But still, we get to say we were on the Daily Show, which is pretty cool, right?