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LimeWire Is Gone, But Its Gorgeous Office Furniture Lives On. Want To Buy It?

As Spotify rounds up cash and label deals for an American launch, another U.S. Web music company gets dismantled. Circle of life, creative destruction, for every thing there is a season, etc. etc.

Filesharing service LimeWire, officially shut down in December, and has sold off just about everything with value. But not everything, apparently.

Check out SoHo For Sale, a site that appears to be liquidating the former company’s furniture, piece by tasteful piece.

I’m not positive that everything listed here was part of LimeWire’s New York headquarters. But several LimeWire employees have confirmed that the beautiful product shots below were, in fact, taken in the company’s famously gorgeous office on lower Broadway.

“We’re the former occupants of a beautifully decorated SoHo cast iron, and we had great taste in furniture,” is the way the site described itself as of last Friday. That’s when I asked whoever runs the account for more details, and since then that language has disappeared from the site. But not from Google.

In any case, this really is some nice-looking stuff, no matter where it came from. I bet some of it ends up in a major music label’s office. Some samples, and asking prices:

8’x3′ Cypress (“90 percent sure [it’s] Cypress”) two-piece conference tables, $2,500 each.

Solid Cypress (see above) tables, $2,750 each.

Custom day bed, $550.

“Vintage Argentinian Foosball table” – Sold! (Asking price $1,150)