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Showtime To Show Less On Netflix [UPDATED]

More evidence that Hollywood and the networks want to rein in Reed Hastings and Netflix: CBS’ Showtime pay network will pull some of its shows off of the video service when a new pact kicks in this summer, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Showtime says shows it is still airing, like Dexter and Californication, will no longer be available on Netflix. The move comes a few days after Netflix announced it would pay for first-run rights to House Of Cards — the kind of show you’d normally expect to see on Showtime or Time Warner’s HBO.

UPDATE: You could argue, if you were so inclined, that Showtime’s pronouncement is a negotiating position, and not a finalized deal point, because the two companies are still negotiating a deal, and that it’s possible that shows like “Dexter” will still be available when negotiations conclude.

Which is more or less what Netflix is saying.

Here’s Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey’s statement in response to the LAT piece:

We’re really not sure what they’re saying, because Netflix and CBS announced a licensing deal, which included “The Tudors” and “Sleepercell.” “Californiacation” and “Dexter” are currently available to watch instantly streaming from Netflix as they are part of a separate licensing deal with Showtime. Netflix has a good relationship with CBS Corp. and we are in the process of renewing and adding shows from their many programming channels, including Showtime.